Theatre in English courses for children

Theatre in English courses for children

Theatre in English @YouTheatre Club’s classes follows the personal development of children and young people, focusing on developing creativity, self-confidence, developing spontaneity, interactivity and communication with others, developing teamwork skills, encouraging free expression of ideas, self-control, increasing empathy and emotional intelligence.

Do you want to see if  YouTheatre Club’s courses are suitable for your child? Contact us at 0763 011 453 for more details.

YouTheatre Club’s plays in English are stories inspired by our young actors and the characters are custom made for each individual. They tell us what character they want to act and we write the script. Our plays always contain messages that transmit life and friendship lessons, it gives children the opportunity to experience different situations, to get to know themselves and the world around them. To explore, understand and communicate emotions and interpersonal relationships. We asked our young actors what is their opinion about our courses. This short video contains the interview we had with them.

YouTheater Club contribute in helping children the benefits you’ll find below:
  • increasing self-confidence;
  • developing imagination;
  • developing socialization and collaboration skills;
  • development of concentration and memorizing skills;
  • facilitating the control of emotions;
  • the opportunity to play in their own English show;
  • guarantees fun and relaxation.
Time schedule from 26 September:
  • Discovery Groups (8-10 Years)
    • Tuesday between 18.00 and 18.50
    • or Wednesday between 18.00 and 18.50
  • Kido groups (11-14 years old)
    • Tuesday between 19.00 and 20.30 
    • or Thursday between 19.00 and 20.30

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Module details:
  • one module contains 10 workshops;
  • a weekly meeting;
  • run time: 50 minutes (Discovery groups) and 90 minutes (Kido groups);
  • each module consists in a personalized English play;
  • at the end of each module, the students will act the play on the stage of a partner theater in Bucharest
  • for Discovery (8-10 years): 1250 RON
  • for Kido (11-14 years): 1500 RON
Payment methods

The place is considered reserved if module payment is made either fully at the beginning of the module or in two equal installments, the first installment at the beginning of the module.

Ways of enrollment

For registration, please contact us at evelina@teatruinengleza.ro or at +40 763 011 453.

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