Chiar și în cele mai serioase piese de teatru găsim momente să ne distrăm (interviu)

Noi te cunoaştem deja. Spune-le şi celor care citesc acum câte ceva despre tine.

I like to draw and play video games. I sometimes watch musicals and try singing along (terribly but hey, gotta learn somehow lol). School usually sucks, except English Language and English Literature (maybe also History). I’m 15 and I’m hoping to become an actress someday. Either on the stage or in movies, I don’t mind.

Când ai ajuns la noi şi ce te-a convins să rămâi?

Well I liked the people and enjoyed being able to create my own character. Most of the other places I’ve gone to either went with musicals (which I loved of course, musicals are very special to me but it’s also fun to create a story with others) or they’d just be in Romanian which I’m terrible at.

Care a fost personajul care ţi-a plăcut cel mai mult dintre cele pe care le-ai jucat?

Either Veronica or an older character. I don’t remember her name but in the play one of the characters suffered from schizophrenia and killed two of the other characters and kept seeing them.

Dacă ar fi să rămâi cu o lecţie învăţată (sau mai multe) de pe urma personajelor pe care le-ai jucat, care ar fi?

I’d learn something from It. No matter how long it takes, your past will always come back to haunt you. This is shown when It exposes the crimes of two of the other characters.

Cum au contribuit cursurile T.A.C. la dezvoltarea ta?

They’ve taught me to raise my voice while speaking, even while whispering, to make sure the audience understand me. They’ve also taught me how to stay in character while on stage. Now I’m slowly trying to learn how to laugh more realistically.

Cum e să interpretezi un personaj?

It’s amazing, especially when you get to create them. For me it’s never too difficult to make characters, because I usually just choose a character I’ve created in my imaginations. In my imaginations, I create new characters quickly. I create them with their story, their personalities, their ambitions, their flaws, everything. I always allow the rest to talk about their characters first so I can quickly choose one of the characters I’ve created to bring into the story.

Vrei să ne împărtăşeşti ceva amuzant despre Marius?

He’s a cool guy, what can I say. He’s both a teacher and a friend. I also love it when he has to play some of our characters since one of us may be missing. I try watching him very closely to notice his movement and his tone. He somehow adds a spark to each character and if I can somehow find the exact spark he has, maybe I can make all my characters seem more natural yet still fun.

Vrei să le explici şi celor care încă nu ştiu despre noi ce se petrece la cursurile T.A.C., cum sunt?

Insane yet in a good way. Our audience wouldn’t believe the conversations we have while working on a play. Even with the most serious of plays we still find ways to have a good laugh and make jokes. I never talk much outside of theater because I usually can’t hold my tongue and I end up saying things I shouldn’t say and get judged. In theater, even when I say strange things, there’s never a moment I’ve ever been called ‘strange’ or ‘weird’. People just laughed or someone just started talking instead if what I said was too weird. Somehow it isn’t as hard to talk there.

Îţi mulţumim foarte mult că ai răspuns invitaţiei noastre. 🙂 

No problem!

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