Romanian Language Classes for Foreigners in Bucharest using Improvisation

Expat in Romania? Then you are welcomed to T.A.C. Playtime! Improvisation is for everyone. You don’t need special skills to improvise, but it’s mandatory to want to have fun. TAC Playtime offers a new concept for learning the Romanian language. This will allow you to use your communication skills better and understand the Romanian culture in a much more profound way.

At T.A.C. Playtime you can attend Romanian Language Classes through Improvisation every Wednesday evening.

Why choose TAC Playtime?

  • you have the opportunity to practice and learn Romanian easier;
  • you can relax after work;
  • it’s fun;
  • you can develop your creativity, your imagination and spontaneity;
  • you learn how to manage your emotions in front of people;
  • you’ll increase your self-esteem;
  • you learn how to control your voice and body language;
  • you learn how to use emotions in your benefit;
  • you have the chance to meet other people and develop your business network.

About the course

  • one module contains 10 workshops – one workshop per week;
  • 90 minutes of fun for each workshop;
  • every Monday evening, between 19.30 and 21.00;
  • first workshop starts on 11 March.

Fee and Payment

The fee for one module is 700 RON. You can pay in full or in two equal installments.

The groups contain min. 5 – max. 15 people.

To register, send us an e-mail at the following address evelina@teatruinengleza.ro or you can contact us at the following phone number +40 763 011 453.

Evenimente la T.A.C.

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