International Improvisation Course for Teens – Online with Brussels

International Improvisation Course for Teens – Online with Brussels

Do you remember when you froze in front of the class because you couldn’t find a proper answer? Or the time when your friends are telling jokes and you don’t know how to join in? Well … for this kind off silly situations one of the best solution is knowing how to improvise.

I remember my first audition that I had to take for my first job as a professional actor. Not having the best repertoire, off course I had to improvise. All for the best because I got the job in a heart beat. – Marius Smîntînă – fonder of Theatre Acting Club

The story above is about how Marius can succeed being himself, confident and spontaneous. It’s also a story about how he took advantage of the environmental and social opportunities to make an unforgettable moment. And this is how Marius committed to “Fani Tardini” Dramatic Theatre.

The surprise we prepare with this #TACinternational project is an online improvisation course for teenagers. It’s a great opportunity to meet EYT – Belgium students and make new friends with people who share common concerns with us. I really like how Jake introduced the program to their students and I will leave here exactly his words: “since Marius used to work for EYT and was trained to teach by Lynne, you should consider these students to be your theater cousins!”.

Starting with 13th of April, every Tuesday evening the students personalities will collide to create amazing moments to remember as personal growth, friendship and a lot of fun. All of this through improvisation.

Module details:
  • only 5 students from Romania with 5 students from English Youth Theatre – Belgium, Brussels;
  • age required: 15 – 17 years old;
  • the course contains 10 online workshops in English;
  • a weekly meeting;
  • every Tuesday between 20:00 – 21:00;
  • run time: 60 minutes;
  • online meetings with G-Classroom or Zoom;
  • at the end of the course, the students will have an online improvisation show which will be recorded.
Fee, payment and registration:
  • 750 RON – it can be paid either fully at the beginning of the module or in two equal installments, the first installment at the beginning of the module.
  • For registration, please contact us at evelina@teatruinengleza.ro or at +40 763 011 453.

Your teen can be part of #TACinternational. Subscribe right now. We have room for only 5 students.

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